Monday, March 31, 2008

A Note From Jillian Lewis

BPR asked Jillian Lewis her advice for Season Five hopefuls and this is her response:

I will be at the casting in Miami this week. I am really excited especially because I've never been there before. Charleston was amazing. What a beautiful city filled with so many beautiful, nice people.

Advice for season 5 hopefuls:

Bring your best work, represent it with pride and integrity. If the judges respond negatively, defend your point of view professionally and responsibly. If the judges respond positively, be humble and grateful. Keep in mind that it is about the designing but it is also a television show, so present yourself well, look your best and bring your personality. If you make it onto the show, prepare yourself with focus and stamina because it is NOT easy. Best of luck to season 5 hopefuls.