Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tim Gunn in Atlanta

Our first Field Reporter from the Tim Gunn/Liz Claiborne Tour is checking in. Thank you Heather for your photo and report.

I attended the Liz Claiborne runway show in Atlanta on 3/12.

They told me there were about 500 people registered and 300 seats so I hurried so I could get one.

Tim and a Liz consultant greeted the audience and moderated the fashion show.

Afterward, Tim went back upstairs and if you purchased $100 in Liz clothing you were able to get a photo with Tim and have him sign a copy of "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" for you. I really wanted to meet him so I quickly bought a pair of pants and then waited in line. I guess I waited about 1.5 hours and when I got up to the front it was almost 9:00 pm. Tim was so very gracious, sweet, nice and still looked fabulous and unfrazzled. That was after spending 2 hours doing this and knowing there was still an hour's worth of people left. I couldn't imagine having the stamina for that. Anyway, in my short time I spoke to him about a couple things one of which was chatting online while the show was on.

He said "Oh! is that with the BPR people?" I said yes and he said. "Oh they are so great. Have you ever had a chance to meet them in person?" I said "No only online." And he said, "Well they are all exceptionally nice. Be sure to tell them I said HI if you get a chance." So I am telling you now.

I am attaching a photo of Tim and I that was taken by the professional photographer on duty. It was great to meet him.

Heather (aka Delta)