Sunday, September 24, 2006

BPR's Big Adventure - Part Four

We all headed out to find the "Bryant Park Grill." On the way we passed the roped off area where the "celebrities" would exit. We got a glimpse of Nina Garcia on the way out and kind of paused to see if anyone else would come out. It seemed slow so we headed for the Grill.

We asked for a table and were told that it was a "private party." Oh. Rats. You mean Blogging Project Runway isn't on the VIP list? Go figure.

Well, the next thing you know Vincent came along and he was really friendly and sweet. Honestly, he greeted us like friends and thanked us for everything we do. Next came Robert Best and his sister Teresa, who is a DOLL. Then Nick Verreos came outside and at one point Rob from season one (talking on his cell phone in a foreign language), Nick from season two and Robert from season three were all standing near one another. It was just a passing moment though and I didn't have my camera ready soon enough!

We also spotted Laura Bennett's husband and a couple of small well-dressed boys entering the restaurant.

There was a steady drizzle, not too bad, but a little annoying.

Meanwhile we lost Tbone. We waited and waited for him to return and we were even kind of afraid to leave. We tried calling, but there was no answer. Where in the heck was Tbone?

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