Friday, September 15, 2006

First Report From The Tents

It was an emotional finale this morning inside the tents at Bryant Park as Jeffrey Sebelia, Uli Herzner, Laura Bennett and Michael Knight (in that order) presented their final collections for Project Runway.

We saw many designers from all three seasons and photos are on the way. Heidi on the runway: "Our designers are very nervous, and I am very proud of them." She introduced Fern Mallis as the guest judge. Here were some of the comments from the four finalists:

Jeffrey: "Hi, well this doesn't suck" (laughs) He thanked his family - Melanie, harrison (who was crying), and his Mom. "The inspiration for this collection is a book called 'Japanese Demons and Ghosts''. I only hope you love it as much as I do."

Uli Herzner: "I don't make big speeches, I wasn't the one talking all the time" (laughs). I had a dream that I would show one day at fashion week and it came true"

Laura Bennett: "I wanted to make it BIG in fashion (referring to pregnant belly), and I did!" (Big laughs)

Michael Knight: "I'm so excited, I'm getting the butterflies. My collection is called 'Street Safari'. The inspiration was me (laughs) and it's about my journey on the show of trying to find out who I was. I wanted to design for a sexy, secure, sophisticated GRRROW woman!" Big cheers.

Trivia: we spotted Sofia Coppola and thought she would be the guest judge...both Uli and Michael showed bikinis in their collection...Amanda (with red hair) and Nazri walked for Uli....keep your eye out for the first wave of photos coming soon, it's going to be tough to call the winner from our vantage point.