Friday, September 29, 2006

Ready to Commit to a Favorite Designer?

Team Jeffrey
It's time to get a Gravatar to show everyone who you want to win Season 3! Right click on the image of your choice. Then 'Save picture as' to save the image to your desktop; give it a name like 'TeamJeffrey' or 'TeamLaura' or 'TeamMichael' or 'TeamUli.' (For Mac users, click on the desired image and drag it to your desktop.) Then go to upload your new icon.

Don't have an existing Gravatar account? Go to to sign up! It's free, easy and tied to your email address; just remember that upper and lower case does matter to get your Gravatar to appear. Your new Gravatar is approved in a couple of days. The next time you comment, remember to include your email address in the provided space. Your email address won't show up in the comments but your Gravatar (once approved) will appear. This should be fun!