Friday, September 15, 2006

You Asked For It...

...Team BPR Checks In
Laura K. says all of the collections were fabulous. The show was stunning. If I had to pick a favorite (and Scarlett says that I do), of course, I love Laura. Her designs were so elegant; they looked like they were right off the Paris runways. Heidi is going to think that they looked, "very expensive."

We have met so many of our Project Runway designers from all 3 seasons today, but it was especially dear to me to speak with Jeffrey's mother, Pam, before the show. It was very touching to share with her our genuine affection for her son. He is supremely talented and his collection was incredible.

The Scarlett says that it was unreal to be in the tent with so many talented and charismatic people. If I had to pick a favorite, I would say that I loved Laura's collection. It managed to look both timeless and fresh. She took her fabulously glamourous aesthetic to a new level that could translate easily to a younger audience.

Tbone is still stumbling around in a stupor after meeting Chloe Dao this morning. However, he has composed himself enough to say that he felt Jeffrey's collection was his favorite. The first and last looks were stuning. Uli and Laura also had very strong showings. When Nazri walked on the runway, everyone in the tent literally gasped. That girl is FIERCE!

The BPR Team observed that Michael was definitely the crowd's favorite. Heidi Klum is gorgeous and just not of this world. Nina Garcia was luminous and Michael Kors was in his basic black uniform accessorized with signature sunglasses (on a rainy day.)