Monday, September 18, 2006

A Note From Emmett McCarthy

Dear Laura:

Thank you so much! Your help with our Fall Off The Runway event last Saturday helped make it a great success. We were so grateful that the weather cooperated this time around and none of the PR fans got soaked and that evian provided us with enough water for everyone. We marveled about the thousands of friends who showed up Saturday to meet Tim, Chloe, Nick and David, Raymundo, Alison, Angela, Malan, Kayne and Amanda. We are so grateful to you and your daughter Kaitlin for showing up at 9AM to organize and set up the garden. Thankfully it was a beautiful day! We all had a great time!

We also got an unexpected visit from Tim Gunn (see picture) the following day at the boutique. He wanted to thank us for hosting him and make sure that all the fans who patiently waited for a signed bobblehead or t-shirt at the event got what they wanted (including those that ordered online before the event). He was so touched that so many fans waited so patiently and would have stayed all day but he had to run to shoot the final episode of PR3.

The great news is that if you ordered a bobblehead or tee online by Friday - you are in! Tim made sure to sign each one (and a few extra) before leaving us on Sunday. Many thanks to you and your Blogging Project Runway fans who came to participate - Tim said before he left that he can't wait to do it again!