Friday, September 22, 2006

Jerry Returns!

Remember Jerry? (He provided great coverage from a fan's perspective of the Season Two finale at Bryant Park.) Well, we spotted Jerry after the show again this season and we were anxious for his perspective on things. BPR thanks Jerry (a VETERAN field reporter!) for this great look at the show.

Once upon on a rainy New York morning........

But before I start that, let me say is was a great honor to be recognized in the crowd by T-Bone and asked to contribute to this Blog once again.

I was a Big Season 2 Fan, a Fan of the guys in 35D and of course a "Dan Fan". That is what brought me up to NYC in February and to the Tent early in the morning
to "greet" last season's top 3 and of course to wish Daniel, "Good Luck!"

This trip was kind of last minute, thinking the show would be in February again, I didn't really do a lot of planning. When I found out I was wrong, I got off work and jumped on a train to New York, to at least be there on the day of the show!

This year I arrived at the Tent at 8:00AM, not 5:30AM. It wasn't really raining yet. The first person I saw when I got to the Tent was Vincent, standing alone by the cross walk. I thought about going up to him, but I was not a fan, his constant usage of the phrase, "it really gets me off", just didn't do it for me. So I took a pic from the top of the stairs. Next, I saw and heard Malan, but he was with someone and on the phone, after he got off, I happily asked if I could take a pic. I wish he could have gone futher this season. I'm sure he would have added a lot to the season. It was sad to see him go. Next, I saw Chloe and Nick, but they were in the middle of a crowd, getting pictures taken.

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