Thursday, September 21, 2006

BPR's Big Adventure - Part Two

Kaitlin and I woke up early on Friday and went down for our Starbucks. We had to fortify for a big day. The show was scheduled for 9:00 so we headed for Bryant Park fairly early. Tbone and Scarlett were going to "meet us at Bryant Park." Ha - easier said than done. Remember it was raining. We had our umbrellas of course - but I failed to account for the puddles and Scarlett's Paprika (or is it persimmon?)Ferragamos. There were some places those just weren't going to go. We located Tbone first and then Scarlett. We had no idea where to go so we just joined a line at the main entrance to the tent. It was probably around 8:00 am and they were not letting anyone in yet. So we stood in the rain with the rest. Really it wasn't that bad. Except that I did fix my hair and now it was totally flat and wet. We send Kaitlin on a little reconnaissance mission to the front of the line just to ask one of the security people if this was the right spot for people with tickets to the Project Runway show and it was.

About this time I noticed that Jeffrey's mom Pam was in front of us. I was thrilled to meet her since we love the moms. Pam I hope you are reading BPR because we adore your son.

Kaitlin was trying to tell me something. What was it? Nick and Chloe were in line beneath us. I thought Tbone was going to faint. Here is the photo of us all standing in the rain. I challenge anyone to find a photo of me where I am not smiling like this. I grinned myself a headache.

Now you know that Chloe and Nick are VIPs and probably could have gone around to the back and gotten right in but they CHOSE to be out front mingling with the fans. BPR hearts Nick and Chloe! Here is a link to Nick's blog where he gives BPR a shout-out!

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