Thursday, September 28, 2006

Transcript of Tim's Podcast #11 - Editorial

BPR would like to thank "Christine the lawyer" for transcribing this podcast. Our roster of transcribers continues to grow and it is very very gratifying to realize that we are a true community! Thank you Christine!

Hi, I’m Tim Gunn and this is my podcast for episode 11.

In our last episode, Vincent and Angela were brought back. And if you recall they were brought back because they were the only two designers who had won challenges and then been eliminated before that episode. Keith would’ve been among them had he not been disqualified. But we had Vincent and Angela, and the only way that they could stay on was to win. And they didn’t win, so they left and our dear Kayne departed also. And Laura was the winner. Laura finally won a challenge and she earned it.

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