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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Did Jeffrey Sebelia Cheat?

Despite our best efforts, there is just no getting away from this story. More fuel has been added to the fire:

The Chicago Tribune passes on the rumors...
The New York Post thinks someone may be ejected...
The Boston Herald claims Season 3 as "the sleaziest so far"...

Meanwhile, Jeffrey has responded to BPR reader Erica at her MySpace site, posted yesterday in our comments:

"Hey!!! Thanks for the concern, but all I have to say is be careful of what you read and also of what is presented in the press. Those people take any information they get (usually unfounded rumors) and just print them in order to bolster their own readership with no regard to the person they might be slandering. They are just doing their job as bottom feeding, sludge dredging , no-life having journalists. Not all are like that. In fact a credible journalist might fact check and actually consult all parties before recklessly printing such an accusation. Beleive me, there have been other possible tabloid stories that could have been printed along they way, but those people thought about their responsibility and decided not to pollute people just for their sensationalism. As a reader, I would encourage you to write New York Magazine and ask them to clarify their sources, and challenge them to print the motivation for their actions. Maybe because I'm not a rich, pregnant social climber from New York...everything can be subjective."

Something doesn't smell right. Will we have to wait until October 18 to learn the truth?