Thursday, September 28, 2006

From The Mailbox

Last night's outcome appears to be very popular based on your reactions so far. But we have 3 more weeks until we find out who won! We'll do our best to keep your PR fires burning in the meantime. On to the mail!

Here is a very well written, insightful look into the life of Jeffrey Sebelia by John Albert in the LA Times Sunday Magazine. It's a must-read. (Note: you may need to register with LA Times to read this. It's worth it.) Thanks Suzanne.

CB Sports is trying to make a comeback and it looks like Season 1 designer Nora Caliguri is on board. Thanks Alyssa.

Newsday has a brief reveiw of last night's episode up. Thanks Christina.

They were handing out "Ugly Betty" compact mirrors at the Bryant Park tents. And now look: Jeffrey gets a mention in this New York Times review of the new series. Hmmmm.

Here's a cute AP story on Lessons to be learned on the "Runway'.

Attention Daniel Vosovic fans! There's a new interview in the Windy City Times. Thanks Valerie.