Thursday, September 21, 2006

From Malan With Love

Dearest Scarlett,
... I wanted to tell you,I have volunteered for an organization called Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids for the last 6 years, well they are having an auction on sunday and guess who will be one of the auctioneers, me. I am auctioning off a consultation session with me, and some goodies from one of our favourite shows, guess? Here's a link to the site, please have a look. they do a lot of work with major celebs , I will be on that stage with cyndi lauper, alan cumming, julia roberts, etc. i never imagined that i would be up there with these amazing artists, but it's not about that it's about helping people get medication and health care that they need, etc. I wonder if any of you might be there, it is at the schubert alley on broadway.

Click here for the pre-auction (scroll down to item P-34) of Malan's donation. This is a worthy cause that I have personally supported as well. Please bid on this special opportunity.