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Shown at NYFW on September 11, 2015

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Those little ruffled circles of fun are showing up everywhere!

First: This story came in several weeks ago, but it seemed a little "spoiler-ish" to report that Angela was at a craft fair while she was still appearing on Project Runway.

From Elizabeth:

My aunt was recently in Asheville, NC at an upscale craft fair of sorts and who had a booth? None other than Angela Keslar and her husband. Of course it was very popular, but she actually met Angela and purchased something to send to my sister Lucy, who is a huge PR fan. The pic is attached - and of course, unsurprising!

Of course, true Fleurchon Afficionados know the difference between a "Rosette" and a "Fleurchon" and while we adore the ruffled wonder of the fleurchon we are completely charmed by the appearance of the "granny-circle-rosettes" in the Spring Collection of James Coviello. (Thank you Sophie.)

BPR's Jubilee Jumbles Award this week has to go to this pair of Rosette-bedecked Panties. Congratulations on your achievement Mr. Coviello.

Angela's influence is profound.

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ETA: In case you missed the distinction between the Fleurchon and the Rosette - there is a review here. Keep sending them!