Friday, September 29, 2006

From The Mailbox

Need new checks? You can order these featuring one of Robert Best's Barbie designs!

We wanted to be sure these were actually licensed designs and here is Robert's response:

Yes, they do sell checks with photos of Barbie that I have designed - and that is in fact one of them. I think there is a series of checks with pictures of the "Barbie Fashion Model Collection" which is designed exclusively by me.

There are MORE! Thanks Allison.

Next, BPR reader Chloe V interviewed Alison Kelly for her school paper. You can read Alison's answers here.

Also, it looks like Wendy Pepper will be on THE MOST with Alison Stewart TODAY at 3:00 on MSNBC. Should be fun!

Finally, here is a great article from Entertainment Weekly following up on several of our favorite designers. Thanks Celia.