Friday, September 22, 2006

BPR's Big Adventure - Part Three

Okay the show was fabulous. First Heidi came out and did a brief introduction, then the designers presented their collections. I don't want to say too much because you will see it in a couple of weeks. I know you understand!

So - the show is over.

The crowd began to file out but we were swimming against the current. Most people were heading up and out but we were headed down to the floor. Scarlett was fast! I I was pausing to ask everyone what they thought. "Uli, Uli, Uli." That was all I heard. Although Vincent said he liked Jeffrey. He said Jeffrey "had a beat." Vincent was very friendly, sweet and appreciative to all of us.

This is where the television crews were interviewing the "Project Runway celebrities." Throughout the day it seemed to me that Nick Verreos, Daniel Vosovic and Austin Scarlett were the most frequently interviewed.
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