Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Even More From The Mailbox

First a note from Malan Breton:

Darling I am so happy. The auction went for 2,600 dollars it was an amazing event, and all of the proceeds go to such an amazing cause.
malan breton

Congratulations Malan - that is an fabulous amount. I hope we will get a follow-up on what exactly the winning bidder's day with Malan is like!

Here is a link to our original post.

Here is an article from the NY Daily News about the Project Runway Fashion Show. MINOR SPOILER ALERT - If you click on it you will see one design from each contestant. Thanks Lele.

Kara Janx has sold over 5000 of her signature kimono dresses!

Kara is also mentioned here in Forbes.com. Congratulations, Kara!

Okay - please stop sending us links to the New York Magazine article. Thanks.