Friday, September 15, 2006

From The Mailbox

I just checked the mailbox and we have over 200 new e-mails, so please be patient while we catch up with things. First of all, Tbone is returning home and will tackle the recapalooza as soon as he can. Next, there are so many articles and links in the mailbox that I might not get to them all tonight - but of course I will try. Here we go!

Here is a article where Jay McCarroll predicts that Jeffrey will win. Thanks Kristen!

OH that reminds me - we saw Kirsten Ehrig today too - she is gorgeous.

Here is a Rolling Stone article about the show. Thanks Susan and Erica.

Jacquelyn sends this link to a USA Today feature about the show.

Here is an article about Jay McCarroll. Oh yes, his line was called "Transport." I almost forgot - I'm overwhelmed!

Okay - Amy sends us this Jia Santos news. We did not see her today....

Kristi sends this link to a VIDEO of Jay's collection.

ETA: The code monkey has provided a link to some backstage photos of the show. Thanks, Monkey!

Enjoy these - more to come - keep sending them in!