Friday, September 15, 2006

Click Here For Photos From Jay's Show!

Hi everybody - I'm reporting from the hotel computer in New York City fresh from Jay McCarroll's Show! My daughter Kaitlin and I were thrilled to be able to attend this event. Thank you Jay and Nancy!

Of course we loved the collection. It was so obviously Jay and yet all new at the same time. You can see for yourself the familiar circles and the piecework that make it Jay. There were new elements too! Squares! Ducks? Hot air balloons. Jay's show had it all!

Jay's attention to detail was there as well. It was obvious that he thought about every look from head to toe. Every hairstyle matched the look as well as every shoe - (I loved the shoes!) The back of each outfit was as interesting as the front. Each time a model passed we were treated with a lovely back detail.

Jay's collection included menswear. Do you recognize this model? (Mouseover for the reveal!)

I know you are wondering who was there and I'll tell you everyone I saw. First of all it was our pleasure to be joined by Malan Breton and Marla Duran for a snack before the show. Yes, I have photos - tons of photos - but I can't download them until I get home - sorry. Then who joined us? Guess! Raymundo Baltazar!

We got in line and who was behind us? Daniel Vosovic, Nick Verreos, Nick's partner David and Raymundo. Of course they were all very friendly and adorable. Kaitlin and I are certain that we were surrounded by some of the most adorable men on the planet. Of course - they were quickly whisked away for the VIP treatment that they deserved while Kaitlin and I continued to wait.

Although we had to stand, we were there early and have learned to press toward the FRONT of the standing aisle so we actually had a fabulous view! While we were waiting for the show to start we saw Malan being interviewed on camera as well as Austin Scarlett. Later Daniel and Nick were interviewed as well. We also saw Wendy Pepper, Carson Kressley and the Queer Eye guys. Just before the show started we saw Bonnie Dominguez with Amanda Fields the model.

We also saw Chloe and Katy and Danyelle Vinmenay (who modeled for Michael Knight - the white bathing suit.) I asked Katy what they were doing tonight and she said they have a "wrap party" to attend. What fun!

I know I will remember many others that I saw at Jay's Show, but I want to get this posted right away. It was a wonderful show. I won't try to describe all of the clothes since you can see them for yourself.

Unlike the Project Runway Show, Jay did not come out at the beginning to introduce things. The lights dimmed, the music began and the show started. Jay came out at the finale and received a standing ovation. It was great. This is really really fun.

ETA: I saw Rucker at Emmett's Sale and he showed me that his fingernails were still painted silver. I told you Jay paid a lot of attention to detail!