Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Note From Laura Bennett

Dear BPR Readers,

Believe me when I tell you I read BPR everyday. It is the definitive source for all things project runway. The links to articles, recaps, and related events are invaluable to me; and god knows the site is easier to navigate than!
I never meant to dis BPR in any way. I fully appreciate the amount of work T-Bone, Scarlett and Laura do for the fans and designers of Project Runway. I only meant that I enjoy a little gossip and dishing from time to time and BPR is not the place for that.
I would like to extend T-Bone an apology for refering to him as "one of the girls." Though in some circles that is not considered a bad thing!
Thanks for watching, thanks for blogging, and feel free to dish it out. I can take it!

Laura Bennett