Tuesday, September 19, 2006

PR Designers at OFW - Personal Impressions

Here is a slideshow I created highlighting my experience meeting the designers at the Project Runway show at Olympus Fashion Week.
Click on the arrow below to see the video.

Keep in mind it was pouring down rain outside the tent and we had arrived early. We look much better dry! But what came through was all of the warmth of the designers.

And where's Tbone? Why he ran back to his hotel to do a quick post while Laura and I mingled with the designers! The whole time she and I kept saying, "Where's Tbone?" At one point we decided he simply had to be backstage getting the inside scoop because he couldn't be THAT far away from the magnetic presence of Chloe Dao. We were wrong. It was YOU the readers always wanting more information that drew him. That Tbone is dedicated!

Anyway, I'm not a professional photographer. We're all much prettier in person. I just wanted to tell my little story and words were inadequate.

ETA: The song is 'Le Belle Et Le Bad Boy' by MC Solaar.