Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Note From Jeffrey Sebelia

Hi Laura,

After reading the re-cap I would like to voice my concern about Justin's remark that my JonBenet comment was somehow "unfortunate." What is unfortunate to me is what happened to that poor little girl and how many other girls and young women are victimized in many ways by the child and pageant world. I would like you to know that my comment came from an empathetic place and was also part of a greater explanation as to just how uncomfortable such things make me feel. I am a victim of SEVERE childhood abuse and without going into detail would like you to know that my feelings on the subject run deep and that I am never afraid to speak up when given the opportunity.
I think Justin's little column is entertaining and in the spirit of trashy T.V. have a good laugh even at the insinuation that I chose Alison because of her looks and not because of her talent, skill and like-minded design tastes. Alas, Justin...touche! I know you don't have alot to work with...and I remember my first writing gig.
Always in awe of the power of T.V., Jeffrey