Thursday, July 20, 2006

Congratulations Kayne

Can you imagine anything so perfect? "Our" own Kayne Gillaspie - who loves pageants and pageantwear like no one else - has designed a gown for MISS USA! Could anything be sweeter? What a complete and utter thrill. Congratulations Kayne!

We will all be watching the Miss Universe pageant this Sunday see Tara in the evening gown competition. What changes did you make? How does it look on her? How does it fit her? Honestly Kayne, no matter how far you go on Project Runway - you have already won!

I'll bet your phone is ringing off the hook with beauties eager to commission a Kayne Gillaspie Original. Your family and friends are so proud of you - and so are we at BPR. This was a wonderful win!

ETA: Click here for an adorable letter from Kayne's sister.