Friday, July 21, 2006

BPR Interview With Malan Breton

Every week, BPR will be requesting interviews with the "auf'd" contestant. Malan Breton checks in with us today, responding to the outpouring of love he's been shown since receiving Heidi's good-bye kiss.

BPR: Malan, the response from Project Runway fans has been overwhelming. You are loved and many feel you were wrongly auf’d. Anything you would like to say to your supporters up front?

Malan: Dear Project Runway fans, I am so touched by your kind words! You and everyone at BPR have been truly amazing.

BPR: People keep asking, what is your relationship status?

Malan: I am single I am married to my love my art, LOL! Not good for the sex life though, he he! One day I would love to meet a special someone I can share all of my dreams, love and success with, I would also love to have a child, its amazing what you can see through a child's eyes.

BPR: You turned down the chance to appear on Season 2. What made you change your mind?

Malan: My reasons for turning down season two were simple, I had never watched PR and I was naive to the reality television genre, would I leave a positive impression, well after watching season two I realised my concerns were no longer valid, as the show was very good about portraying its subjects.

BPR: Who were your favorite designers?

Malan: It is difficult for me to choose a favourite from season 2, they were all so brilliant and diverse, as fashion should be, diverse, something for everyone.

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