Friday, July 28, 2006

Justin Couture's PR Recap - Episode 3

We present another recap by BPR guest writer Justin Couture. You're about to enter snark infested waters!

Episode 3 or 'Doggonit Bravo didn't even tell Tim the title.'

We start with wacky music which historically signals a fun episode. Kayne is excited about immunity and Robert thought Malan was a good room mate. Katy didn't think anyone should have gone home so I wonder if she would have preferred that they should all move in with Angela and form a fashion co-op in O-HI-O making clothing out of hemp.

Heidi comes out wearing some sort of plaid top that looks very Ann Taylor sale rack, circa 1991 with a giant bow on one shoulder. She tells them that they will be designing something inspired by fashion's hottest accessories while everyone smirks at the bow. Really, it is quite smirkable. She tells them that Tim will fill them in before she sends Malan's model Moon away. That sounds much more poetic than it is actually. She tells them ominously that they have to get up early the next day before they have time for more smirkitude.

That night the designers try to figure out ideas like iPods or belts. Or belts containing iPods. Or belted iPods. We hear that Michael is excited and I'm hopeful that he will actually be in this episode.

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