Friday, July 28, 2006

BPR Interview With Katherine Gerdes

The competition was stiff on the runway for "Doggy Style" and although Katherine Gerdes ended up on the bottom, she's not going down quietly. BPR caught up with Katherine today from her home in Minnesota where they are still in disbelief...

BPR: Hi Katherine! So what was the reaction from your family and friends about your auffing?

Katy: They were shocked… and then pissed! I don’t think any of them expected me to be kicked off on this episode, even after they had seen the runway and the judging. We’ve been having viewing parties at my parent’s restaurant each week and there were around 70 people last night. Let’s just say there was lots of booing and yelling at the screen! Having everyone there to support me has been amazing and I appreciate everyone who came!

BPR: Do you have siblings? What are their names?

Katy: I have a younger brother (Nathan) who is 14, but about 4-5” taller than me! He’s on my audition video making fun of how little I am and how I get asked if I’m older than 16 when I sit in exit rows on planes! He’s a super smart kid and can build all sorts of crazy robots and what not… watch out because he might take over the world some day!

BPR: You entered RISD as a photography major, what turned you on to fashion design?

Katy: I really loved photography and I still do, but I was more into the technical side and working in the darkroom rather than focusing on being all “artsy” with my photos. I had been making clothes for myself since I was 14, but they were never “cool” clothes to other kids so I didn’t even consider that I could be a fashion designer! I just happened to take a winter session course (short semester in between 1st and 2nd semesters) in fashion design at RISD and my professor Jennifer was really supportive and actually upset that I wasn’t considering fashion as my major! I give her all the credit for convincing me to switch into apparel design.

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