Wednesday, July 26, 2006

About Your Comments...

Every once in a while it becomes necessary to remind newbies about our commenting guidelines. Last week we had 49,146 first-time visitors. Welcome everyone!

In addition to our guidelines, I have a couple of requests. If you notice a comment that is outside of our guidelines please immediately send an e-mail with a 911 in the subject line and a description of where to locate it. Every comment arrives as an e-mail and we read every one, but there are times when 500-800 comments are posted in an evening and it is hard to catch up, so please help us out. One of us is usually standing by.

The BPR Team is Laura K, Scarlett and Tbone. We are fans just like you. We do this as volunteers and for fun. We are not paid by anyone. We present the material on BPR that you - the fans - provide to us. We try to find answers to your questions, but we have no influence or "insider knowledge."

Remember just to state your case and let it rest. No need to argue, we are all friends here. We welcome all opinions. They are all valid. We don't expect everyone to agree, we just expect everyone to be polite.

Also, if you regret something you have said in a comment, please let us know if you would like us to delete. With the HaloScan system you can not delete your own comment, so consider carefully before you post. Be sure to "preview" your comment before posting. OR if you have misspelled or misrepresented something, just let us know and we can fix it. Everyone makes mistakes. We can repair damage very easily. This is better than posting a second comment that says "Oh I meant to spell Alison with one l, not two."

Seeing double? Please do not refresh the page after you have left your comment, this results in duplicating your comment. Wait about 30 seconds.

In general we will set up two live-posting threads on Wednesday nights. One for the "party" where everyone is welcome to chime in and one for Tbone or another single voice. Afterward we will start a "Reactions" post for your impressions. We will NOT title it the "Congratulations Kayne" or whoever wins post in consideration for our west-coast readers who haven't seen the episode yet.

Thanks everyone, we have very carefully considered what would make this the very best experience for all of our readers. Thank you also for your patience with Newbies. We love our Newbies. Welcome one and all!