Thursday, July 27, 2006

Speculation for Episode #4

Reading through the "reactions" comments reveals that much of the reaction is actually speculation! So - as your BPR Team always strives to respond to the readers - I am setting up a post here for you.

It seems that most of the discussion centers around several topics: 1. Why doesn't Michael get more air time? 2. Who will be asked to leave? Why? and When? If someone is asked to leave before the conclusion will one team be short-handed? Will they bring back one of the aufed designers? Your comments are very insightful - I especially appreciate those of you who are checking the color of the wall in the background and what exactly everyone is wearing when Tim makes his pronouncement. What exactly is Tim carrying in his hand? Hmmmmmm....

Feel free to re-enter your episode #4 speculations here even if you've said it before.

Just a reminder - please do not put links in the comments, just e-mail them to your team. We will post them more prominently so that everyone can see them.