Monday, July 24, 2006

Chloe's Elle-a-bration!

Ace Field Reporter Pleightx visited Lot 8 for the celebration on Saturday. Here is his report. Thanks Pleightx!

Chloe’s Elle-a-bration!

PR 2 winner, Chloe Dao, had a little sale and celebratory event at her Lot 8 store this past Saturday. I popped in, said hi and asked her to sign a few copies of the Elle magazine with her winning spread.

I didn’t want to take up too much of her time because she was pretty busy assisting other customers. But I did ask her to sign an extra copy for the BPR scholarship fund auction. She graciously obliged and said, “Here, let me give you a Lot 8 T-shirt too!” The T-shirt is white with the Lot 8 logo.

I asked her what she thought about the new season so far. She was surprised there was so much drama already, and we’re only on episode 2. She said she probably likes Robert Best the best. She said she met Malan when she was up at Emmett’s Trunk Sale and thought he was a sweetheart.

We went outside to take a quick picture of her standing in front of her new car. She then gave me a hug goodbye and said, “Tell everyone at BPR I love them.”