Monday, July 17, 2006

A Note From Keith Michael

We had a comment from Keith in an earlier post and it has gotten a lot of attention from other sites, blogs and message boards, so I thought we should give it a little more attention here. There is no doubt that this is from Keith himself and as of now, I would like to consider this matter closed. We will have to "watch what happens!"

hey guys-
love your site and i read it often. so when i read the latest comments about me i thought it might be time to write in. for the record, i submitted 5 portfolios for the judges review. the one you seem to be focusing on was a research assignment i did for a client in which i reviewed key fashion trends. i'm very proud of all the work that i do. the panel of judges that reviewed my work had many years of experience behind them. i found them neither ignorant, uninformed or in any way confused about their own profession.