Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Let's Send Some BPR Love To Malan Breton from Taiwan!

It had to happen! We couldn't resist any longer. We are asking for your fun, g-rated poetry featuring everyone's favorite rhyming-named designer. You can do any form of poetry, or write some new lyrics to a familiar song. To help get you started here is a link to a few words that rhyme with Taiwan.

I have it on the BEST authority that Malan is really a nice guy - have fun with this one, BeePeRs. There's no prize or anything, but maybe Malan will choose his favorite!

Please send your poetry to Team BPR, or add it to the comments.

Okay - here is one from our own insultcomicdog:

I'm Malan Breton.
I come from Taiwan.
Pardon me do you have any Grey Poupon?

Inspired? Give it a try.