Monday, September 11, 2006

Debbie G's Report from Daniel Franco's Show

Dear BPR,

Well, I'm just back from the Daniel Franco Show & it was so, so, SOOOO terrific, I can't even tell you!! But I'll try (I took notes!):

First, I got there, went to the 18th Street entrance and they didn't have my name on the list, but said I could go in anyway - that there were plenty of seats! But as I was sitting there, no one there had heard of Daniel Franco! Not even the women at the inside door, but they kept trying to get me to stay & said I could find the other show later. EEEK! I left to find the Franco show. Turns out the entrance was on 19th Street. I had to go around the block. They had my name & gave me an assigned seat ticket. Phew!!

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