Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jessica's Report - Daniel Franco at StyleLounge

We have another brilliant BPR reporter that was in NYC yesterday covering the Daniel Franco event.

Hi Laura, Scarlett, and Tbone,

Thanks again for the tix to the Daniel Franco show. I had a wonderful time! There were lots of current and former PR people there....from Season 2 I saw Emmett (looking very suave, and very tall in a great suit), Diana (sweet in a white dress), and, most exciting for met, Chloe! She looked incredible - very petite, but so wonderfully dressed in a great jacket and boots. From season 3 I saw Angela (tall and striking, with signature Angela bag), Bradley (almost didn't recognize him - looked good), and Malan (amazing suit, and even hotter in person, great smile - and he was sitting right in front of me!). And then there was Tim Gunn! He was perfectly put together, looks just like on TV, and was so friendly taking lots of pictures and signing lots of autographs. Oh, and one of the models in the show looked an awful lot like Nazri, but I am really bad recognizing models when they are all made up like that.

On to the show...it was sponsored by Nikon, so all the models carried cameras, which I thought was funny. Daniel came out at the beginning to welcome us and looked really hot in black jeans and a long shiny gray jacket - very much his sleek style. The clothes he showed were beautiful - lots of blacks and grays (with a few pops of color like a wonderful yellow ball gown) with very sleek silhouettes, and lots of contrasting shiny panels beautifully sewn onto dresses, jackets, etc in ways that enhanced the silhouette. My favorite of the collection were his dresses that had fab cut cut-outs in the back. Overall, it was a great experience. I tried to take some pictures but am a really awful photographer, but have attached some of the better ones I got. Thanks again for the wonderful time!