Sunday, September 03, 2006

Katy's Take: High Flying Fashion

BPR welcomes back auf'd contestant Katherine Gerdes for her exclusive insider's take on each week's episode:

A “makeover” challenge! I’ve been waiting for one of these. I love to see how the designers would dress themselves or each other (season 2!). I don’t know about other designers, but for me, I have the hardest time dressing myself compared to dressing other people! I’ve been wanting to make something for me to wear to the final runway show, so I’ve decided that this week of my “AUF’d Runway” I’ll make my “jet-setting” outfit the one that I’ll wear to at OFW! Well… unless it totally sucks…

I do have to say that I loved the concept of making them travel to test the outfits, but I think it was pretty crappy to fly them out there, only to send someone home the very next day! I know it makes for some dramatic TV, but that sucks. Oh well. I’m also sad that I didn’t stick around long enough to make it out to Paris, but I think it would have been worse to be the very last one out (Robert) right before they left!

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