Monday, September 11, 2006

Malan Breton at Fashion Week

This just in from BPR Field Reporter Holly:

Malan's show was fabulous! Lots of the models were from PR, including Moon (met her and her lovely parents), Amanda and Nazri. The collection was very romantic and really lush.

I met Chloe Dao, Emmett McCarthy, Angela Keslar and Malan, of course. All were friendly and gracious. I saw Daniel Franco briefly but he looked busy, so no meeting.

Nina Garcia had a front row seat, patiently waiting, waiting. Are all shows fashionably late to begin? Big clutch of cameras, dj music pumping and out came the models.

I saw two of the three garments I sewed, a thrill. The third was edited out. Sweetly, I was thanked in the program! My name appears higher on the list than Tim's and Heidi's. Tee hee!!

It was a great day!

Thanks Holly; click here for more of her pictures!