Friday, September 14, 2007

BPR in NYC - Part One

My husband and I traveled to NYC on Tuesday night in order to cover the Wednesday Fashion Shows for BPR. First of all I want to thank him for joining me and also for his unfailing support.

We checked in to our hotel and it was still pretty early so we visited with Laura Bennett. Finn is crawling! He is so cute. It looks like his hair is red, but it is actually blonde.

All of the boys were home as well as two nannies and a tutor. Laura said it was "chaos" but to me it felt "normal."

Laura was putting the finishing touches on her Emmy dress. She had another idea to begin with but it didn't work out so she started something completely different. Look for her on the red carpet. You won't be able to miss her... trust me!

She is also working on a collection for QVC. It's called "Little Black Dress" and it will air on February 1st. She is booked for three shows on QVC going all the way through August. She also shared that Chloe Dao's line is "breaking records" on the network. One of Laura's QVC designs will be sold to benefit Dress For Success.

I knew she had to finish the Emmy dress, so we said goodbye. Thanks again, Laura!