Saturday, September 01, 2007

Project Runway No Longer on iTunes?

NBC Universal, the parent company of Bravo, has announced that they are severing their ties with Apple iTunes. NBC failed to renew their contract yesterday which could mean that their content will disappear from the iTunes store at the end of the year. Apple retaliated by stating that no new NBC content would be added as of this September. The following is a statement that appeared today in The Hollywood Reporter:
Apple said that instead of having the network pull its shows in December in the middle of the TV season, it would, instead, not offer them when they debut next month. An Apple spokesman said NBC Uni content from past seasons would stay on iTunes until the current contract runs out.

The NBC spokesman, though, said that the network is "hopeful" that an agreement can be worked out before the contract expires.
Meanwhile, NBC Universal is looking to debut a new site, Hulu, that presumably will offer downloads with the increased pricing/packaging flexibility they have desired. We'll have to 'watch what happens' when it comes to Project Runway Season 4 appearing on iTunes or Hulu.

As of today you can still download Project Runway Season Two and Season Three from iTunes at the old price by clicking here.