Friday, September 28, 2007

John C Reports From Lot 8 in Houston

Hey BPRs!

I attended the premiere party for Chloe Dao's case collection for Pacific Design at Lot 8 last week! Chloe was a very gracious host and spent the evening socializing with all the attendees when she wasn't busy signing or posing. The parties at Lot 8 have consistently been a blast, and this one lived up to the reputation! Much fun was had, and all of us were very impressed with Chloe's designs. The cases are functional and practical, yet also fun and fashionable (not to mention that they're priced well below designer cases).

You can check out all the merchandise at I purchased the Nucleus 15.4 Blue/Red Pinstripe laptop case for my boyfriend, and he absolutely loves it (though it helps that he can show off a personal message from Chloe that's written on it!).

Much love,

John C.