Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Nina Garcia in Clifton, New Jersey

We have our first field report from Nina's book-signing event. Thank you Sylvia and Stephanie.

Hi all!

Last night we attended Nina Garcia's book signing at the Barnes & Noble in Clifton, NJ. Let me say, Nina in person is stunning. She was immaculately attired in 6 inch heels, black slacks, a sequined black shirt, and a black blazer. Nina was very friendly, open, and answered everyone's questions. The questions ranged from whether or not it is okay to wear shells as necklaces along with shell earrings, to wearing white after Labor Day, to advice for high school and college students.

I went there with my daughter, Stephanie, 9, and my husband. Stephanie wanted to ask how Nina began her journey but was shy about asking. I asked Nina for her advice for parents of someone who wants a career in fashion and design. Her answer included her past, her inspiration growing up, and recommendations as to what we should expose her to now. Of course there were the Project Runway questions including which was her favorite season (Season 1), which designers she enjoyed (Laura, Daniel V., Uli), when will Season Four be on air (she can't say). Stephanie finally got up her courage and asked Nina about Santino. (Santino is very creative but….. You really have to be nice to succeed). I have attached a photo of Stephanie with Nina having 2 books signed. Of course, we can't actually read those books and have purchased a 3rd copy for reading! Everyone had a very enjoyable time. All day today I have been reflecting on the event - wow! Nina really is awesome!

Best regards,

Sylvia S