Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Nancy T Reports From Malan Breton's Model Casting!

Man, I love BPR! When I emailed them saying that I’d like to cover Malan Breton’s upcoming fashion show, they also mentioned that Malan was inviting reporters to cover his model casting. So, on Labor Day, Malan’s Garment District office was besieged by scores of beautiful women – and me!

Malan recently moved into the office, and was in the process of making it his own. The fluorescent lights and barebones industrial furniture had not yet been replaced, but a gray dressform and offbeat accoutrements hinted at the style that will soon pervade the smallish space. Malan and Tion Kane (his public relations executive) sat at a large table at one end of the room, and invited me to sit with them during the casting. No way was I going to refuse!

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