Monday, September 17, 2007

From The Mailbox

Of course there is lots of Emmy news. What is it with "The Amazing Race?" I've never seen the show - is it really that good? I heard a collective groan from the audience when TAR won again - anyone else notice this? The "applause" was rather tepid.

I'm am hoping that season four of Project Runway is so spectacular that the Emmy voters won't be able to deny them the prize.

Heidi Klum is being universally lauded for her "look" last night. I watched the Today Show and the fashion expert there considered Heidi the best look of the night. The Today Show also had a couple of clips of Tim Gunn on the red carpet.

Click here and then scroll ahead through the videos to the "Winners and Losers."

Tim observed a "proliferation of white" and an "outpouring of strapless." Ha - Lloyd Boston (who?) has nothing on Tim. Next time - put Lloyd out to sweat on the red carpet and put Tim in the studio. Duh.

The Fug Girls loved Heidi, but not Tim and Martha. I LOVED Tim and Martha. I wish this Tim would show up for "Guide to Style." Sigh.

This article about the gift suites for Emmy guests mentions that Nick Verreos also had "Dress Like You Mean It" on his jacket. We have video... stay tuned.

This article mentions (read to the end) that this was Project Runway's year to win. It seems that just about everyone is disappointed that TAR won yet again.

Attention Clifton New Jersey: Nina Garcia will be at your Barnes & Noble tomorrow! Please let us know if you can attend - thank you!