Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Note From Amanda Fields

Amanda Fields seems to be everywhere, doesn't she? East coast, west coast, in music videos, at the Emmys - she's one busy girl!

After the Project Runway Season Four designers were announced, Amanda wrote to tell us that she has walked for Elisa Jimenez and Rami Kashou. You can see Amanda wearing Rami Kashou at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Los Angeles, Fall 2007 at the right. Click here for that collection. Watch a highlight video below.

Here is her opinion: Rami Kashou has a great shot at winning or at least of going to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. His work is flawless and the fit is very complimentary. Not sure how he is in a time crunch, but from the work I have seen, keep an eye on him!!

We agree Amanda - Rami looks like a frontrunner.

About Elisa: She likes her models to do very interesting things on the runway. She wanted us to make a sweeping hand motion at the end representing something we really wanted in our lives. All of her pieces we wore in 2 ways.. meaning we modeled it once, then backstage they changed it a little, and then we wore it a second time.

Elisa sounds like a true original.