Friday, September 14, 2007

BPR Exclusive - Malan Breton Field Report

Greetings one and everyone! Maddie here with the exclusive scoop on Mr. Malan Breton’s Spring 2008 fashion show! I arrived in New York as giddy as a Mexican jumping bean and waited on line outside the venue. There, I met the lovely Rhonda, one of the stylists from Season 3 and a few of Malan’s fabulous supporters. We went in and found our seats.

The venue was lively and bright, as well as nicely crowded. Malan can really pack a house! As I roamed around with my camera, I bumped into the always-precious Diana Eng. We chatted for a bit and she mentioned she was writing a book about…can you guess? Fashion and technology of course! She’s so clever and she really has her own wonderful style, I wish her all the best in the future.

I also spotted the amazing Christine Ebersole, and my little brother’s idol; Pete Wentz of Fallout Boy was there as well.

I continued roaming when I bumped into James, one of Malan’s staff members. He told me that he remembered me from Malan’s boutique opening last November and asked me if I was taking photo or video. I nodded and said that I was working with BPR and he asked me if I wanted to go backstage. I was about to say that I probably shouldn’t when he slammed a press badge on my chest and told me to follow him. He pushed me through a curtain and I found myself backstage in the dressing room! Now, as a performer, I’m used to the hectic craziness right before a show. But this was more fabulous than I could have ever anticipated.

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