Friday, September 21, 2007

BPR at Keith Michael's Show

We left Zulema's Show and had some dinner at a cute place around the corner. I noticed that the London Terrace was across the street! We still had a little bit of time and arrived early at Cain on 27th Street. I peeked inside and it looked pretty quiet. Rie and Travis were already there and they mentioned that Keith's mom, Cindy was inside. Well, you KNOW that the number-one item on my list was to interview Keith's mom. We "met" her before when Keith sent this note and photo. I knew she was beautiful and fun and I just felt like she would very very proud of her son.

So, with Ken beside me, we went inside and there was Keith! I introduced myself and said that I knew he was very busy but that I really wanted to meet Cindy.

She graciously sat down and talked to me for a little while.

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