Friday, September 08, 2006

BPR Interview With Vincent Libretti

BPR continues its series of interviews with the auf'd contestants as we check in this week with Vincent Libretti. Project Runway provided a showcase for Vincent who had just made a big career change, returning to his labor of love. As we learn in our interview, he's still proud of what he's accomplished:

BPR: Hi Vincent! Where were you Wednesday night and who did you watch the show with? What has been the reaction from your friends and family?

VL: With Nina and Liz, my daughter and wife...they liked my work and felt that I should have stayed.

BPR: What does your daughter think about seeing her daddy on television?

VL: She's sooo proud of me and she realizes it's only TV.

BPR: You took a huge chance by cashing in your 401(k). What kind of work were you doing before getting back into fashion?

VL: In sales, selling ad space. One thing I'd like to clear up .. I did not cash out my 401k to go on Project Runway, I don't understand why they depict it this way. I did it to continue what I love most, right now I have never been happier. I am proud to show my family, especially my daughter, that her dad takes chances in life and believes in his DREAM!!!

Now I cashed my 401k prior to going on the show although the show makes it seem like I did it to get on the show...that's so silly.....

BPR: Who do you consider to be your muse?

VL: anyone who brings life to life.

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