Friday, September 08, 2006

Daniel Franco Fashion Week Tickets!

This just in from Project Runway icon Daniel Franco:

Hi Lk,
super busy... so to the point... I rapped with my PR co. and I have secured 10 seats for ten cool fans ( fans of not only Project runway but of the Df look.) I have 10 cool seats to join me at stylelounge at my gig sponsored by Nikon this coming Monday... 09/11/06 (On the date we rose not fell...) @ 3pm. So I will leave it up to you, Laura, to give them away or award them or pick straws or leave them on the curb for strangers ( hope not)...whatever you will ... ; ) for the cool loving folk at BPR. So do what you need to do...I'm doing what I need to do...people do they do, more often than not, and I'm no exception...This is the sleekest collection I have ever built and i want to share it with you. Is that so wrong? Or is that so right? YOU decide ; ) See you in stylish dreams sweetness, Daniel Franco

Our love for Daniel Franco defies all logic, but love him we do! Everyone ready to do the DF Shuffle? Here's the deal:

IF you share this same DF love and IF you are available to attend his fashion show this Monday, September 11 at 3:00 p.m., e-mail us now. The first 5 who respond will receive a set of two tickets for this event. What a great opportunity!
ETA: Sorry everyone - the tickets went like bagels, they are all spoken for!