Wednesday, September 13, 2006


It's Wednesday - AND it's Fashion Week. The designers are probably all back in town for the Reunion Show taping today. Will Keith be there? I'd bet on it! What sorts of drama will unfold?

Hopefully the Season Three designers have learned from the Season One and Season Two Reunion Shows that excessive alcohol consumption is probably not a good idea. Of course, for entertainment value I'm hoping that at least a couple of them weren't paying attention.

Here are the current Bodog odds on the outcome of PR3:

Laura Bennett 9/5
Kayne Gillaspie 19/1
Ulrike "Uli" Herzner 4/1
Michael Knight 1/2
Jeffrey Sebelia 2/1


BPR will be here as always providing our coverage of tonight's episode. Tbone will be live-posting and everyone is welcome to join the party.

speculation post for tonight's episode is filled with your great ideas. Sometimes the speculation is more interesting than the actual episode. BPRs are so creative.

Oh, did you know that Project Runway has "unusually passionate fans" and that an "internet subculture" may be driving its success? Hmmm....I wonder who this article could be talking about? Thanks Archie.

Will tonight be the night that we finally find out what Heidi means when she talks about the "benefits of winning?" We shall see. Who are the two special guests? Is that really Angela in the preview? Why is Laura upset? What size are those shoes in front of Kayne. Tonight should be a great episode!