Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Transcript of Tim's Podcast - "Couture du Jour"

BPR extends sincere thanks to "Laura the Lawyer" for transcribing this podcast for our readers. It is a long one.

Bettie Bloodshed was in a car accident last week. (Hit by a drunk driver!) She is doing better and ready to assume her transcription duties this week.

Let's send our appreciation to both of these girls for their excellent work.

Hi, I’m Tim Gunn, and this is my podcast for Episode 9.

So we are in Paris, and it is thrilling to be there. We had our capstone on the runway judging in Paris with Catherine Malandrino, the sublime Catherine Malandrino. Angela is out, and Jeffrey has won his first challenge. He’s quite thrilled. Poor Angela— I felt so bad for her. I mean, she was so thrilled about coming to Paris, and she had to go home. I mean, she did get to stay one night, but she was really dashed and broken, which was too bad.

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