Thursday, October 12, 2006

BPR Poll: Did Jeffrey Outsource Some of His Sewing?

Well it seems that everyone wants to discuss the "Did Jeffrey Outsource some of his Sewing?" question. By the way, we will not call it "cheating." Please.

Now there are many ways this might have gone down, but basically it comes down to yes or no. In the episode last night we see the suspicion. Then we see Tim ask Jeffrey specifically if he made certain pieces. Jeffrey says "Yes."

Then in the previews for next week it seems that the issue is not settled. So here is our new poll. Did Jeffrey outsource some of his sewing? (Beyond the pleating - that is not an issue, right?) What do you think?

This is an effort to SETTLE the discussion - not to stir it up! We continue to get comments on the "Reactions" thread and we see this as a way to end it - thanks.