Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Top Chef Blogs

This is a huge night for Bravo. Not only do we have the Project Runway S3 finale, Season 2 of Top Chef premieres immediately after.

We know there are many crossover fans who enjoy both programs and have been pining for a community similar to ours where they can dish about Top Chef. And despite your desperate pleas for us to do it, it ain't gonna happen!

We do want to direct your attention to some friends who have answered the call:

First up are Java Junkie and The Big Shamu at Top Chef 2: They Cook. We Dish. These girls have already scored some great interviews with Season 1 contestants and are seriously funny.

Next is the brilliantly named Blogging Top Chef. They have a whole kitchen full of Bravo board refugees that are ready to roast their way through Season 2. Make sure to give them both some BPR love.